Kerri Rivera, Doug & Heidi Scheer making profits from abuse of Autistic Children

Sometimes you come across information that leaves you stumped. Ya’ Know like in a surreal weird Woody Allen movie while staring at your laptop screen for what seems like minutes with jaw hanging open thinking – Is this real? Am I dreaming?.

So let me introduce you to Kerri Rivera


You see that all American big white toothy smile? Looks friendly and approachable. You’d invite her around for tea right? I mean look pretty face and looks quite amiable. Good all American Chicago gal. So imagine she is around your house for tea or coffee sitting down and having a good old chat – you ask her so Kerri tell me about yourself? What do you do for a living? Perhaps you expect Estate agent or Nurse? Nah good old Kerri is an author, a minister at Genesis II Church (they’ve cured ebola with bleach apparently but more about them later), business woman and graduate of the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy. Our Kerri is an ambitious lady and has plenty of focus – since her graduation from the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy in 2013 she has discovered a cure for you’ll never guess it…. drum roll…. AUTISM…. All that hard work scientists and the medical community put into the discovery that autism is a neurological variant and present from birth has been squashed by a homeopath who graduated from the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy and guess what her great discovery is? Bleach my friends, bleach. A few drops of bleach in your autistic kiddies water or enema (An enema is Kerri’s preferred method) will cure your kid of all his or her autistic traits but you’ll have to buy the book first and the DIY kits. I’m sure the DVD’s will be out by next summer.

Now in order to buy the goody pack from Kerri Rivera you need a supplier so let me introduce you to:

Good old All American Doug & Heidi Scheer


Good on Doug & Heidi for stepping up to the mark and distributing for Kerri – its wonderful to see such entrepreneurial skills from these guys. Living the American dream. Our friend Doug is a children’s entertainer and hosts many children parties and concerts. Heidi is a beauty queen runner up and runs which distributes Kerri’s amazing goody bag kits.


Doesn’t Heidi look great? Autism Advocate. Woot, Woot!!


How does she find the time to look beautiful and send those goody kits?

Since Kerri developed her “cure” for autism the facebook group ‘CD Autism’ has over 7000 members with branches all over the world. Doug & Heidi who distributes Kerri’s protocol is heavily advertised on facebook pages, forums and websites as the number one official supplier of CD.

What is CD? CD is chlorine dioxide, yup you heard right and according to Kerri if you dose your child up to 8 times per day the wonderful autistic child will be cured of all of their autistic traits and live happily ever after.

You want to see what happens when a child is given CD? Its not for the faint hearted.


This child has bad skin rashes all over his body from his parent administrating CD protocol


This parent is celebrating the “parasite” aka mucus and poop that came out of her child body from an enema – enema’s are given more than once per day. This child is 3 years old


This parent is still persisting with CD even though her child is very sick and vomiting from it

The couple of posts I’ve shown are quite tame compared to other posts I’ve seen yet still disturbing right?.

So there you have it folks – these are the faces behind CD protocol but hey it earns them quite a few dollars so who are we to complain about their wonderful entrepreneurial skills. I gotta admit I do find it quite amusing a child’s entertainer is profiting from the abuse of autistic children.

Will you be inviting Kerri, Doug or Heidi around to your home for a cup of tea? Yeah I thought not they might pour bleach into your kiddies sippy cups.



Heidi proudly boasts her business on facebook account


CD Autism page with directions on how to set up an account on mightyguts website

Ah and for the giggles the domain information below

Registrar URL:
Registrant Name: Doug Scheer
Registrant OrganDomainization: Scheer Genius Productions
DNSSEC: unsigned

For complete domain details go to:

Links to follow

Kerri, Heidi, Doug, Jim and Partners We are watching you and I will have no mercy. This is war and we have already won half the battle.


28 thoughts on “Kerri Rivera, Doug & Heidi Scheer making profits from abuse of Autistic Children

  1. Well, Heidi is an autism curbie who sells a lot of products and has a business relationship with Kerri Rivera. it isn’t difficult to imagine 🙂


  2. I am appalled to see this. There is nothing wrong with chlorine dioxide. I’m sorry you are unable to understand that. It has been explained to you numerous times. Kerri, Doug and Heidi aren’t the criminals here. You are! Slander is a crime and this has been sent to the relevant authorities. I advise you to remove this ASAP


    1. I am sorry, this is a post about autism. If you are mentally retarded there are plenty of other resources available on the web just for that Emily. One recourse that I think would work for you and the rest of the CD child murders is an all day federal detention facility.


  3. Good stuff! Daniel Smith is GOING DOWN… These guys are NEXT on the list. Scheer madness.
    Kerri & co. let’s be 100% clear on this – we will take out every one of your suppliers. We will take down every one of your promoters. We will SHUT YOU DOWN.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. They saved my life. You have to be a complete idiot to read an article like this that sends nothing but negativity, and believe it. Never trust anyone who writes so horribly about others. Kerri and crew are saviors to the open-minded and educated. All you have to do speak with those that have been cured. This will pretty much dispel the entire article! Maybe you should try doing this before posting propaganda you silly author!


    1. The problem is, no, talking to those who were cured is not sufficient ; in fact, you can make mistakes from it.
      As incredible as it seems, well-meaning and intelligent doctors and enthusiastic patients were certain that bleeding was a cure-all. However, some people decided to monitor large numbers of patients more closely, and to compare them to a group who didn’t receive this treatment. That’s how they saw it was next to useless and even dangerous.

      That’s why we now have clinical trials, control groups… So, did Kerri and crew organize such a trial ?


      1. The fact that you allow posts calling chlorine dioxide bleach, pretty much gives you even less credibility. Ask anybody who understands chemistry and you will certainly be informed that it is a totally different compound. So if you really cared about having any integrity or validity then you would shun such misinformation. I would like to hear any of you angry people to bring up one specific, valid catastrophe (with a person’s name and story) from doing Kerri’s protocol. If you cannot then let’s all just drop the hate. The world does need any more hate. Why not direct the hate towards Autism Speaks or any organization has no cures, yet stands for allowing parents to be deceived and hoodwinked into expensive therapies. Chlorine dioxide gets pathogens out. These pathogens do not belong in us. After removal of the pathogens worlds are changed. Simple logic my sheeple 🙂


      2. @ Chris: Chlorine dioxide is toxic, hence limits on exposure to it are needed to ensure its safe use. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has set a maximum level of 0.8 mg/L for chlorine dioxide in drinking water. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), an agency of the United States Department of Labor, has set an 8-hour permissible exposure limit of 0.1 ppm in air (0.3 mg/m 3) for people working with chlorine dioxide.
        Wikipedia article on chlorine dioxide.
        You were saying?


  5. Of course in order to have a valid cause of action for libel/slander/defamation you must show a measurable, (usually financial) deficit. Depending on her lost income, she might have it.


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