A response and appeal to a CD moderator. Embrace Neurodiversity – stop abusing your child.


Kerri Rivera has quite a few minions – it must be her dazzling smile that draws them in.10399536_52839393099_9548_n

                                                           El Liberator – Real name Emma Libby O’ Rourke

Infamous Anti Vaxxer & Woo fan


El Liberator – Emma Libby O’Rourke

Emma I have a theory about you, Kerri and Heidi: All three of you gals are attractive, pretty and have children with disabilities from observing you lovely ladies for a few months I can see a trend; the three of you are narcissists. You wanted the perfect family and when it didn’t turn out exactly how you anticipated you decide well jeez there is no genetic link to autism it must be parasites and a vaccine injury. You cannot handle the fact your child does not and will never fit into the standardised version of normality, he doesn’t fit into the picture perfect delusional life you envisioned for yourself so instead of loving him unconditionally and unreservedly you decide to bleach your child to “cure” him of “his vaccine injury”. Guess what Ms O’Rourke VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM.

Something you might like http://howdovaccinescauseautism.com

Question for you O’Rourke – how many autistic adults have you met in your life or spoken to? I’m guessing a big fat 0.

I feel pity for you. If things had of been different and you entered into groups that are supportive of autistics and their parents you would more than likely have a totally different attitude. I get it, its scary when parents first find out about their children and you looked for support and an ear so you reached out to the wrong people when you were in a vulnerable position and they took advantage of your state. I am giving you that benefit of doubt because I don’t want to believe someone could be as evil as you. I don’t want to believe that for the sake of your children. Kerri Rivera & Jim Humble take advantage of parents and that is how they make their money and profit.

You have said quite a few disturbing things and I am going to address them one by one


Above screen shot from radio interview one of our members did Ms O’Rourke decided she’d have her say too – This interview was one month ago

To quote you O’Rourke from above screen shot “Thank you for sharing that the fact that my son has been healed from autism!!! And yes, I can answer your ill written question. (Seriously tho, do you read the stuff you write before posting? It’s like a bad riddle. Makes no sense at all.) I was well on my way to healing my son before I ever joined CD Autism.”

Now take a look at this from 20 days ago



Now read the post from 20 days ago and your above comment from the radio interview you are kinda contradicting yourself there lady

To quote you again ” He’s still autistic but we are achieving recovery” . So last month you “cured” you child from autism yet 20 days ago he is still autistic?. Let me tell you a secret he is autistic, and he will always be autistic. If you want to learn more about neurodiversity and helping your son – having a perspective from autistic adults we will more than welcome both of you into our community and guide you into dealing with some of his sensory or behavioural issues. That hand is out for any mother or father in CD autism group.

Now for the next screen shot and rant you gave on the 31st of December 2014


Your trying so hard to get people to accept your autism as something amazing, something to be celebrated, idolized even. Well, newsflash… It isn’t. You will always be the minority. There will always be hundreds of thousands of people trying their best to eradicate autism off the face of the earth. Either through CD or some other method. Wanna know why? Because it’s one the worst affiliations of all time to be brought upon our children. Worse than any disease. A soul stealer.

Do you really want to eradicate your son off the face of the earth? You know that is negative eugenics right? Do you believe in the genocide of a group of people? That is fascism right there. I am autistic and I am quite happy with my neurotype – its funny how you assume that all autistic women and men involved in the neurodiverse community is verbal. I didn’t speak until I was five and I’m still not much of a talker, there are many other non verbal autistic advocates out there who do wonderful work and lead fulfilled lives. You know what is sad? that you think your son lacks those capabilities because he is autistic when in fact any strength he has is more than likely down to his autism. There are many ways of communication and interaction.

Listen and I mean really listen to his non verbal autistic adult and hear what she says to quote this amazing woman

” I find it very interesting that failure to learn your language is seen as a deficit but failure to learn my language is seen as so natural that people like me are officially described as mysterious and puzzling rather than anyone admitting that it is themselves who are confused not autistic people or other cognitively disable people “


“As autistics with Aspergers, I’m really happy you can write, carry jobs, have relationships… All despite being evil bitches. But really, it’s great that you have those freedoms. Our kids do not. They are sick. They face the possibility of institutionalization if they are not healed.”

Your child is not sick O’Rourke, he is autistic. You can try change him for now but in later years you know what will happen? He will like many of us who were forced to pass as neurotypical for years suffer a break down, be diagnosed and admitted to a psychiatric unit for treatment of post traumatic stress disorder and then he will with the support of the autistic community heal and be relaxed in his neurotype. We will embrace him and I hope he will find it in his heart to forgive you for the trauma and abuse you have put him through, not for your sake but for his own peace of mind. I urge you to reconsider and stop this abuse now. Embrace your son for who he is and work on his strengths rather than his weaknesses. Forget about your own narcissistic ego and love your son unconditionally.

One day you will see your son saying he is proud of his autistic traits but you’ll more than likely be in prison by then. Save yourself now rather than later.

Proud Autistic.


3 thoughts on “A response and appeal to a CD moderator. Embrace Neurodiversity – stop abusing your child.

  1. That is so sad,a mother would talk about her son like that,And how irresponsible spreading lies about vaccines, this has been scientifically discredited time and time again. Why does she hate autism, as in your blog there narcissistic and wanted the “perfect ” family, her autistic son is perfect, this woman also has some serious anger issues and would benefit from professional help,her derogatory terms and hate speech is disturbing, Autism is a part of who her son is, I find this heartbreaking for her autistic son 😔😔

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  2. It’s heartbreaking to see a mother refuse to accept her child because they didn’t fit into the perfect little mold that they envisioned. My son is autistic and amazing!!! He tested in the top two percent in the nation and he continues to excel. I could never try to change him, and growing up with a POS abusive mother like her, I can tell you, she will lose her child. At 18, I left and never looked back. My mom had no idea if I am alive and that’s fine since she could have cared less about accepting me while she had the chance! When her kid gets away from her, I would be glad to help them learn to love and accept themselves!!!

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  3. You are spot on about them being Narcissists, I have the misfortune of having a mother in law who is a narcissistic sociopath, she refused to believe that my husband had epilepsy despite his Neurologist begging her to stop her nonsense and convince him to go on meds. He listened to her for years, suffering tonic clonic seizures which would leave him in agony and in serious danger. Thankfully I managed to convince him to go on meds, he has been seizure free for over three years! My MIL went mad at me and told me that I was going to turn her son into a leper! She then proceeeded to try to destroy our marriage so she could regain control of my husband. Thankfully he showed her the door and we have had zero contact in over a year and even that was to discuss a death in the family. Our little boy has since been diagnosed with Autism and our little girl with Epilepsy. I am so glad that we are free from this narcissist, who would never accept my babies as the beautiful children that they are. These woman are in for a shock in their future, there is only so much emotional and physical torture that a child can put up with. These woman are going to be incredibly lonely in their old age with children who who as adults realise just how disgusting and abusive their parents are. I only pray that they are found out before then, before the physical and mental damage is irreversible.

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