163 Children Healed From Autism? Nope.

No More Bleach

Dear Internet,

The bleach people claim they gave healed 163 kids from autism, but have they really? After spending months in their forum, you begin to wonder. Every so often, a new story pops up and the bleach people rejoice. The latest was #163 from France:


As it turns out, there is no #163. This child, the one who was miraculously healed, does not exist. This story was fabricated by someone questioning the authenticity of Kerri Rivera’s claims. As suspected, Ms. Rivera took credit and used this story as further “proof” that CD can cure autism. You can read the entire account of how this went down here:

http:// http://saulniercamaut.tumblr.com/

And when you’re finished, share it with your friends. These kids are being abused and the parents are being lied to. Kerri Rivera belongs in jail, along with anyone else recklessly promoting this dangerous snake oil.

Until next time,

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